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Eva Priyanka Wegener, in Sri Lanka

I love everything about this picture. I mean, look at it!

Coconut Diversity!


Back then were days we dare not think of
Times we hate to live through,
But if my mistakes stagnate my soul
Then I must not be living through You.

I’ll admit that I pushed those unwanted dreams to the back of my memory yesterday,
But still so, they never fade
Only suppressed back into my today.

I despise what I use to be
And though she is no longer me
I am still apart of she,
And just as well she…

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Black Gold

I deserve candle-light dinners for two…

Midsummer night walks in paradise…

Night caps with music, tea

And intellect that I’ll still be thinking about when the sun creeps in…

I deserve compassion for my passions

Empathy that could never empty me

Soul in all solutions

I deserve a man who loves like men do…

Hands that touch like cotton “Ooo”…

Eyes that can see past beauty God has given me…


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Maybe we did too much,
Maybe we never said enough,
Maybe that’s why acting got us boo’d,
Maybe instead of 1 we were always 2,
Maybe change really changes us,
Maybe love is truly dangerous,
Maybe running shields our greatest light,
Maybe listening can avoid our strife,
Maybe leaving dodges bullets we never knew about,
Maybe it’s better not to focus on what we’ve been doing without,
Maybe going…

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Blame the melanin in 

my skin 

for your infatuations.

I tend to regret everything anyway.

So stay away.

So much anxiety in my frontal I cannot take

this ongoing torture to be everyone at the same time I can’t be.

Don’t want to be yet I try? 

Ask myself the many why’s but no reply. 

Sleep is against me.

It kills me every time. 

Cop Out!

Who watches the sun rise only to end with closed eyes?

I miss…

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Forbidden Fruits

I want your fruits.
Your sweets, exactly what I need.
But your out of reach.
See you know me,
And you know what I need.
Come take away my lonely.
I cant seem to cross that line
But maybe we could see
In this next lifetime
Cause I ain’t tryna smash the homie.


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Brown Sugar

Are the creamer to my coffee on a much needed Monday morning.
Brown Sugar,
it’s like the heated seats in my Toyota have already been activated on a frozen Tuesday.
My glass of wine after work Wednesday evening, because Brown Sugar knows that detox is a must.
You see,
Brown Sugar runs my bath water every Thursday night…before I could even hop out these red bottoms.
depend on you every 2nd…

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