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"She Ate When She Felt Empty Inside"

“She Ate When She Felt Empty Inside”

She ate when she felt empty inside.
Only then, did she fill herself with a certain kinda pride she called “love”.
She ate.
Only because she felt her own emptiness,
Do you understand that?
She waits til there’s nothing,
Eats just to get by.
This is how I love myself,
Minimalist accepting love if and only if I feel empty inside.
This is real life.
To love oneself only when one needs love…

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It was pure once upon a time
I fell in love with the boy who wanted to be a marine biologist some day
He was intelligent
Goofy with a thugs passion
Head over heels for me
Confidence overflowing
Wanted me as his dream girl
And then he changed
Killed the innocence
Until there was nothing left
Crushed my lungs to where I could not breathe
“Why do you hate me?”
“I remember you,…

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There’s a Voice

There’s a Voice

There’s a voice,
so sweet and bewildered
Justifying every promiscuous move made in my head and my head only.
There’s a voice.
So passionate it grips the back of my twist out like it owns me.
Like it knows me.
What I want
And everything I want to be.
There’s a voice,
so smooth like silk therapy
Speaks to me in poetry
with no words
As if it knows nothing is to be said
But done.
This voice thats in…

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But his blood spills red


Three years ago I believed whites and blacks were equal in the United States. I believed that slavery was abolished and racism went both ways. I disagreed with affirmative action and I thought black people who didn’t make it out didn’t want to make it out.

I was so very wrong.

Today my heart is…

"Don’t brag about yourself let others praise you. -Proverbs 27:2"


Some lovely Wu Yi Oolong  

"The cure to broken hearts
is pints of ice cream and
horrible poetry and bad movies
and laughing and going out
until three in the morning and
being someone that you can
love without another person
telling you reasons why
and that’s probably the best
way to get over people who
never deserved you anyway."



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